Create a ticket by emailing support@pro2col.co.za with a full description of your request. Alternatively if you don't have access to email, you can create a ticket by clicking the red SUPPORT button below and to the right.

Download Teamviewer or Anydesk from the right, then open and leave running until our support session is complete. Do not use the keyboard and mouse during our remote session. (We cannot access your machine without your approval).

Submit your Teamviewer ID / PASSWORD or your AnyDesk ADDRESS in reply to the support ticket created or via Whatsapp for Business and we will initiate a remote session for your acceptance.

Note that all remote support work is billable. If you need more information regarding the billing, please enquire via your ticket first!


Your fault has been logged.

Your ticket has been added to our queue and we will respond to it in order of receipt.

1. Ticket Logged

Your Email has been subitted to our support queue and a representative will review your ticket shortly. If you wish to add anything further to the ticket, simply reply directly on the email copy you would have received in your inbox shortly after your submission

2. Assess and Reply

If we are able to provide some free advise or instructions in resolving your query fairly quickly, we will do so free of charge for any existing customer on our books. If you are new to our support system or require more involvement in detailed troubleshooting and problem solving, which includes our time to schedule and provide remote support, then our time is billable. Exceptions would apply to any customer on current SLA contracts.

If you require the billable information regarding your resolution, please enquire in reply to the ticket if we have not provided cost esitmates to you before resolving the ticket. 

If we cannot resolve the ticket remotely, we will advise on an appointment for a onsite visit. All our remote sessions are billable in 15 minute time slots. Onsite is billable per hour or part thereof.

All our tickets are treated with equal priority in order that we receive them, apart from any SLA contract customers that have higher arranged priorty status, which would jump our support queue and order for assistance.

To follow up on the status of your ticket, feel free to contact us telephonically or via the WHATSAPP for Business channel made available to you and shown in the bottom left corner of this screen.

3. Resolution

Once your query has been resolved, an invoice is generated referencing the ticket number and time spent. We accumulate tickets for history and to call up any repeat tasks and information to assist in speedy resolutions in future.

We reserve the right to withhold support should your account payment be in arears. 




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