Create a ticket by emailing support@pro2col.co.za with a full description of your request. Alternatively if you don't have access to email, you can create a ticket by clicking the red SUPPORT button below and to the right.

Download Teamviewer or Anydesk from the right, then open and leave running until our support session is complete. Do not use the keyboard and mouse during our remote session. (We cannot access your machine without your approval).

Submit your Teamviewer ID / PASSWORD or your AnyDesk ADDRESS in reply to the support ticket created or via Whatsapp for Business and we will initiate a remote session for your acceptance.

Note that all remote support work is billable. If you need more information regarding the billing, please enquire via your ticket first!


A Self-Service tool for our clients


What is this System Tray application

In short, its a self-service tool with quick access to support links, from downloading our Teamviewer Quick Support tool, sending us screenshots, accessing our network notices quickly and communicating with us via Whatsapp, all at the click of a button.

  • Log a Support Ticket

    Create a ticket quickly and easily by directing to our website and completing an online form.
  • Download Remote Support Tools

    Teamviewer and Anydesk links are readily available if you dont already have them installed on your system.
  • Network Notices

    Individual Links to our Telegram feeds for the various channels and topics to keep you notified of any related issues that may affect you.
  • Whatsapp for business

    Chat to us directly from your PC by clicking on the "send us a whatsapp" link

How can I get this system tray icon ?

You can download it by clicking here . Once the agent file has completed, access your downloads folder and unzip or open the compressed agent file and simply run the file for the script to initialise and download in the background. After 5-10 minutes, you will see the agent popup in your tray as displayed above

Disclaimer and Notice

Our agent is also a multi tool and collects data about your system hardware and software installed. Our management portal displays this detail as an audit to us. We use this information in recommendation of any hardware upgrade or software updates. This tool is also used to deploy our Managed Antivirus Software should you opt for this paid service as well as to deploy the Patch Management software that keeps your Operating system and 3rd Pary applications up to date with planned update rollouts. Both of these are extra billable services and can be deployed at your request.


Whatsapp Support!

Click on the representative currently listed and available to assist.