Due to our current daily fluctuation against the USD, please contact us for updated pricing. We are still currently at less than R1 per PC per day, or around $2 per PC per month.

All of our managed services are deployed via the Asset Tracking Agent. Once installed, it populates into our dashboard where it is then assigned the services required. You will need to inform us prior to which services are to be applied. After deployment you can choose whether to leave the management in our hands or take control over your systems via your own dashboard.
Download the Agent to get started

The Pro2col Lab Remote Management tool offers a complete suite of patch management tools in one application. From this point on you might as well kiss goodbye to Windows updates, stop worrying about security on each and every device you manage – and start relaxing while we take care of the work for you, ensuring all essential system updates are applied.

  • Supports ALL updates (including non-security updates) for Microsoft Windows and other Microsoft products including Office and Exchange
  • Covers all 5 major browsers – Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera
  • Support includes most commonly exploited Adobe and Oracle Java
  • Other vendor support including Apple, Mozilla, Zip tools and more, as well as Instant Messaging Clients such as Skype and Yahoo Messenger

  • Auto approve patches (by severity) and schedule installation of approved patches
  • Use built-in missed schedule options which gives control if the device is “off”
  • Manually approve and install patches from the Dashboard immediately or schedule the install for a convenient time

Pro2col Lab patch management scans your network automatically or on demand and gives all the functionality and tools needed to effectively install and manage patches on all machines, across different operating systems and products, supported by the vendor. Depending on the level of control you wish to maintain, this can be assigned to be handled by an internal representative of your company.

  • A complete suite of patch management tools in one application
  • Provides support for many popular applications
  • Helps maintain a secure, compliant network
  • Upgrades to the latest versions, automatically
  • Easily deploy patches network-wide

  • Robust vulnerability scanning and security capabilities
  • For Microsoft Windows and Office applications and non-Windows applications