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Automate your threat and Malware detection with Quarintining of suspicious files. We manage the update rollouts and scanning schedules for your machines.


We all know about the need to Protect our machines

Installing a FREE or PAID for antivitus solution is not enough! You need to ensure you keep it up to date, run regular scans, enable active protection and then on top of it, know what to do if a threat is detected. This can be daunting and often skipped or left unattended assuming that having the Antivirus software installed is enough and takes care of everything.

  • Stop Malwre

    Malware attacks can wreak havoc any small business. Many have experienced a malware or ransomware attack in recent years. What’s worse, malware threats are constantly evolving and growing more sophisticated.
  • Lightweight on Resources

    Our centrally managed antivirus gives everything you need to help protect your systems—without putting unnecessary strain on your resources. The tool enables scans that are lightweight and don’t sacrifice performance.
  • Proactive Endpoint

    Out-of-the-box automation makes the solution easy to deploy and operate, while the threat intelligence, advanced artificial intelligence, and machine learning secures your machines

How can I get the Managed Antivirus ?

Start by downloading our system tray icon by clicking here . Once the agent file has completed, access your downloads folder and unzip or open the compressed agent file and simply run the file for the script to initialise and download in the background. After 5-10 minutes, you will see the agent popup in your system tray. More information avout the System Tray Application can be found here


2 Step activation process.


Once you have the agent installed, create a support ticket so we can assist with licensing and deployment. These steps are seemless and once a license has been aquired, the Antivirus is remotely deployed.


Sit back and wait. This last step is automated from our end. We will push the software install via the agent, setup scanning profiles and action AI. Then initiate the first scan.

Email support@pro2col.co.za to create a support ticket for licensing or click the Create a Ticket above on our website.

Disclaimer and Notice

Our agent is also a multi tool and collects data about your system hardware and software installed. Our management portal displays this detail as an audit to us. We use this information in recommendation of any hardware upgrade or software updates. This tool is also used to deploy our Managed Antivirus Software should you opt for this paid service as well as to deploy the Patch Management software that keeps your Operating system and 3rd Pary applications up to date with planned update rollouts. Both of these are extra billable services and can be deployed at your request.


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