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Sharing the information around whats happening at Pro2col Lab


Network Update

Out network operators are implementing some network changes that require a transition from DHCP to PPPOE. What is this? Simply put, its a different way that your router will authenticate your service on the network. In an effort to continue providing the best service to you, this change is necessary to later provide additional features

VUMA Notice | Pricing Alignment

We are aligning all our VUMA customers that never received the pricing upgrade when the prices last increased. Existing clients benefitted having us absorb the small increase whilst new customers signed up with the newly adjust pricing. As of 1 May we are adjusting our long standing customers that benefitted by synchronising the billing and
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Octotel | Business Product Changes

As of 1 April 2024 all our Octotel Business clients will see the following product adjustments. 50/25Mbps – (New Service Option)50/50Mbps – upgrades to 75/75Mbps100/100Mbps – upgrades to 150/150Mbps200/200Mbps – upgrades to 300/200Mbps 400/200Mbps – (New Service Option)1000/100Mbps – upgrades to 1000/200Mbps Should you wish to alter your package to a more suitable product or
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Openserve Notice | Pricing Alignment

The Speed upgrades have made it easy for you to enjoy an even better experience for streaming, gaming and connecting at fast speeds. However, Openserve have informed us that they will be increasing their fibre pricing, so we will simply be passing this increase on to you with no added markup to our benefit.    This
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Web / Email / Domain – Hosting changes

We are adjusting all our hosting packages and phasing out the HOME MICRO and HOME MICRO PRO hosting options and migrating all to the BUSINESS BASIC packages. This is a considerable jump from the R19 per month and R39 per month Micro and Micro Pro package which has been unchanged over 10 years. The Basic
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Service Pricing Alignment – VUMA

We have carried the last price increase for some of our customers that was implemented in November 2022, for almost a full year. No changes from VUMA have been implemented as yet, but we are forced to align the billing with our current package offers. Most of you will notice a R20 to R50 price
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Accounting Package Migration

We have decided to Migrate away from Pastel and into Xero. The idea was to transition into a more actively developing cloud based software package that supports more payment gateways allowing us to offer more user-friendly options to you with realtime updates of account activity. The process has already begun and we are currently running
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