Create a ticket by emailing support@pro2col.co.za with a full description of your request. Alternatively if you don't have access to email, you can create a ticket by clicking the red SUPPORT button below and to the right.

Download Teamviewer or Anydesk from the right, then open and leave running until our support session is complete. Do not use the keyboard and mouse during our remote session. (We cannot access your machine without your approval).

Submit your Teamviewer ID / PASSWORD or your AnyDesk ADDRESS in reply to the support ticket created or via Whatsapp for Business and we will initiate a remote session for your acceptance.

Note that all remote support work is billable. If you need more information regarding the billing, please enquire via your ticket first!


Create a Support request via our ticketing system


How to log a request:

Choose your fault logging option

Email our ticketing system

The quickest and easiest method would be to simply email support@pro2col.co.za with a detailed subject and full description, providing us with as much information of the issue, the request or the need for our attention. Including information such as what you have tried in attempt to resolve will also reduce the common responses to various troubleshooting steps.

Create a ticket via our Website

If you dont have access to email, simply click the SUPPORT tab on the top right of any page on our website. This will initiate a form to complete that will log a fault via our tickting system. Note though that this will send an email to us and our response will be in reply to this email. If you have an alternate method for reply, please indicate so in the creating of your ticket.



Once an email is received it will enter our queue of existing tickets. All tickets will have a unique ticket number generated and emailed to you for your record as well as to keep track of communication on that support thread. Existing SLA customers are automatically assigned priority based on existing agreements. If no prior agreement is in place, tickets are assigned and attended to in order of oldest to newest. Our aim is to achieve a response within a few hours.


Once a ticket is opened and assessed, it's assigned based on the information received. We will then arrange the next steps in order to resolve it, from researching the problem, retrieving the information from our notes, providing the documentation or using alternate resources required to resolve the ticket. All tickets will be replied to via the ticketing system, using email for record and history purposes. We will also use this history to provide previous resolutions to repeat queries and faults


All tickets remain open until confirmation of resolution is received. We will usually followup via other channels, Whatsapp or telephonic call, whereafter the status is marked resolved. Once everyone is satisfied with the ticket status, it is archived and therafter invoiced for where necessary and quoted on before.

Whatsapp Support!

Click on the representative currently listed and available to assist.